What are signs of colic

Colic is a common and frustrating condition that often leaves parents feeling uncertain about how to help their babies. In this article, we will provide solutions to help reduce the severity of colic symptoms and give you the family life you deserve.

Babies with colic experience symptoms like excessive gas, abdominal pain, and disrupted sleep. They cry for long periods, seemingly inconsolable. It’s a challenging situation for both babies and parents. Traditional soothing methods like breastfeeding or holding and patting the baby’s back may not work.

The prevalence of colic has increased in recent years, and as a new parent, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to comfort your crying baby. It’s natural to feel frustrated and helpless when your baby is in distress.

Understanding the Symptoms of Colic

Colic can begin in the newborn period but typically peaks between three and six months of age. Babies may experience symptoms for at least three hours a day. The condition can be caused by difficulties in digesting food, gas buildup, or flatulence. Maternal eating habits during pregnancy and after birth can also contribute to colic in some infants. They may appear sleepy when not crying or exhibit restlessness that cannot be easily pacified. They often experience periods of intense discomfort, primarily in the abdomen or lower back, leading to inconsolable crying for hours at a time. These episodes usually occur after feeding or during wakeful periods.

The most commonly observed symptoms are irritability, reflux, and hiccups. Irritable colic, affecting around 60% of infants with colic, is the most prevalent type, although its exact cause is unknown. Reflux can occur when babies swallow air or experience gastroesophageal acid reflux (GER). Hiccups can result from incomplete burping or a normal hiccup reflex causing air to enter the baby’s digestive system.

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