How to balance work and motherhood?

work and motherhood

6 effective tips you’d like to know

Working and having babies may be a little bit stressful, especially for new moms who face difficulties finding harmony between work and motherhood.

That’s why balancing the demands of your career with the responsibilities of motherhood, teetering between the pressures of professional success, and the desire to be present for your family to spend much time with your little ones can be challenging.

It’s a reality where deadlines clash with diaper changes, where conference calls blend seamlessly with bedtime stories… So really, how do we balance being a working mom with children?

In this blog, we’ll dive into effective tips for all working moms. You’re not alone, Optimal has your back!

1- Create a bedtime routine

Make time to bond with your family after a long day and add these habits to your bedtime routine:

-Set a dedicated time every evening to read a bedtime story with your kids after taking a bath. It will not only foster a love for reading but also provide an opportunity for quality bonding time.

-Play soft music to create a serene atmosphere.

-Encourage a tech-free period at least one hour before bedtime so you can focus and relax.

-Apply your daily skincare routine before bed

Night-time habits are important; adding these rituals to your routine will help you create moments of joy and connection that recharge for the next day.

2-Pumping: An essential role for working moms

Pumping is crucial for you -working moms- as it allows you to maintain breastfeeding while meeting work duties. It will also ensure that your baby receives the same nourishment and benefits for his immune system as direct breastfeeding even when physically separated during the workday.

Start pumping daily before going to bed so your baby’s lunch is ready for the next day

3-Prioritize and organize your tasks

Start by creating a schedule to outline your work hours, your childcare responsibilities, and of course your self-care time.

By prioritizing tasks based on importance, and using tools like planners you will surely ensure a high level of organization.

-Allocate specific time in your schedule for different tasks: work projects, childcare duties, or personal activities. For example, designate mornings for focused work, afternoons for family time, and evenings for self-care

-Identify tasks that can be delegated to others: like involving family members in household chores.

-Don’t forget to set clear boundaries between work and family time so you can focus on each aspect of your life without feeling overwhelmed.

—According to research published by the American Psychology Association (APA), a study examined the happiness levels of 1,364 mothers and compared those who work part-time with those who stay at home with their children. The findings revealed that mothers who work part-time typically experience greater happiness during the infancy of their children compared to mothers who remain at home full-time.

4-Don’t let guilt weigh you down!

Society can be tough on moms, making you feel bad and guilty most of the time for working a full-time job. But always remember, your job brings good things to your family! It helps save for your child’s education and health insurance and you’re building an image for your kids toward the value of hard work, which is awesome.

So, be proud of balancing work and family time—you’re doing great!

5- Create special moments with your family

When time is limited consider organizing fun activities with your family so that everyone can participate. Maybe you can benefit from these suggestions:

*Set aside a regular evening for family game nights.

*Enjoy a Storytime together.

*Plan for a day out during the weekend: go to the park, skiing, and have a barbecue…

Additionally, involving your older children in the planning process can keep them interested and engaged.

6- Create some “ME-TIME”

As a mom, it’s very normal to prioritize your family. However, neglecting your well-being can leave you feeling down.

It’s important to carve out time for self-care activities that promote mental health and relaxation: meditation, yoga, physical exercise, reading, writing, or spending time with friends to rejuvenate your spirit and maintain balance.

In conclusion, balancing work and motherhood is a continuous process, not a destination recognizing that some days may tip more towards work while others lean towards family.

Embrace flexibility in your schedule and expectations, allowing room for both professional pursuits and precious moments with your children.

Cherish the little victories and moments of joy, knowing that each step forward, no matter how small, contributes to the delicate balance of work and motherhood.